Avalon is the only company to offer any wall thickness, flush glazed, in 1/8” increments and glass thickness up to 2 ½”, as well as double glazing with wide air space in all systems.

Fire Rating

The Eagle System is the first aluminum frame to carry a positive pressure 45-minute fire rating on sidelight applications.

Finishes & Colors

Avalon frames manufactured at our facility are finished with the highest quality powder coatings available. Also our choice of colors is virtually unlimited, ranging from soft pastels to veined metallics.

Variable Throat

Our New Maximus System for interior framing offers flush glazing for any wall thickness in 1/8” increments with a glass pocket up to 3” wide. This provides superior sound attenuation and can accommodate double or triple panes of glass with air space. Center and Offset glazed versions available. Say goodbye to raised glazing stops!

--- SINCE 1982 Highest Standards in Manufacturing Interior Aluminum Frames and Doors

Over many years, we have continued the tradition of Alumax leadership and superiority in product performance in manufacturing for the interior aluminum framing industry. With an obligation to continued innovation, we recognized the demand for improved Life Safety design and unveiled Avalon International Aluminum, a contemporary company with new products genuinely demonstrative to a legacy of excellence.

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