* Extended Lip Strike not Needed

* All throats have 1/8” expanded clearance to easily slide over drywall

* Frames available in all throats to accommodate 2 ¼” doors

Eagle Door and Frame System

This is our standard 5″ frame system with the Eagle Door.  The Eagle System is a striking doorway with a sleek look that is available in heights of floor-to-ceiling or less.  Each frame is shipped individually wrapped in knock down form and ready to install.  The system includes a conventional header, individually wrapped casings, and frame installation hardware along with our shop drawings makes installations quick and easy.

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Eagle Offset System / Double Glazed System

The Eagle Offset System is similar to our standard Eagle System but features an offset glazing bucket for a flush wall look.  Custom offset distances are available.

Our Double Glazed System can help provide high range STC ratings. With our glazing pockets you can vary the air gap as well as glass thicknesses to achieve desired sound dampening.

Eagle Fire Rated System

This system is the fire rated version of our standard Eagle System.  The system is approved for positive pressure fire ratings of 20 and 45 minutes.  We provide glass to go along with this system as a rated assembly.

Phoenix System

The Phoenix System is our 90 minute fire rated system.  It is a free-standing system which can accommodate multiple door sizes.  Units can be used with pre-finished or unfinished wallboard and are shipped with corner tabs pre-installed, including all installation hardware, for convenient installation.

Universal System

Our patented Universal System can accommodate wall sizes from 2 1/2″ to 16″ and can provide flush glazing from 3 1/2″ to 16″ in 1/8″ increments for glass thicknesses up to 2 1/2″.

Environmental Product Declaration

Avalon International Aluminum is committed to using environmentally-friendly products and services. Click here to find out more about our suppliers

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