Frame samples

Here are some up-close views of our standard 4-7/8″ frame. You can easily snap the parts together like plastic bricks, right out of the box.

These can be flush glazed for any throat size from 3-1/2″ all the way to 16-1/2″ with our patented system. Because we do all of our cutting, notching, powder coating, and punching in-house, that drastically reduces the possibility of errors in the field. On top of that, they’re designed to be installed quickly, which can save you weeks of labor costs. Clip kits are included, and we can even pre-drill the holes if requested.

They’re available in a broad range of colors as well – Our most popular ones include gray, black, and bronze. We can match nearly any single color, and even have some pattern colors available to us.

The bottom pictures show what everything looks like installed, along with our industry-leading barn door sliders.